Our Market Leading Solutions

Each recruitment service has a transparent, unique and competitive fee structure and terms, and is delivered by a certified, professional recruiter in Xepherdigital

Team Search

Recruit 4 or more positions, with any combination of Junior, IT, Expert, managerial, or executive roles

Executive Search

Recruit C-level, VP, Country Manager, Director, General Manager & other managerial positions

IT Search

Recruit all IT roles, all software roles, all digital, and technical positions

Technical & Expert Search

Recruit any Non-Managerial, Non-IT roles in HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Admin & Ops

Junior Search

Recruit all entry-level roles including trainees, executive assistants, and basic support staff

Expat Search

Recruit an expatriate living in the Xepherdigital, or to repatriate a Xepher overseas

Offshore Staff Solutions

Recruit executive, technical or expert roles for your offshore operation, bundled with payroll management and office space

Remote Staff Search

Recruit for all executive, managerial, IT or technical roles with a focus on work from home arrangements
Business management
plan implementation
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